New 公园 in Atlanta’s Vine City Provides Green Space 和 Flood Control

老罗德尼·库克喷泉. 公园

罗德尼·库克老. 公园 in Atlanta’s Vine City neighborhood is much more than a beautiful place to play 和 relax.

它还兼任流域管理项目, offering a solution to one of the area’s most pressing needs: flood control. The centerpiece pond 和 its surrounding greenspace can store up to 10 million gallons of stormwater runoff. That’s critical for an area that has seen its share of devastating floods.


这个16英亩的公园,是由 公共土地信托亚特兰大, promises to transform this historic neighborhood located near the Atlanta University Center Consortium 和 just north of the West End Historic District.

The green oasis features rain gardens 和 stormwater planters, as well as constructed wetl和s 和 native plantings that enhance water quality.

“Rodney Cook 公园 is located at the low point of Vine City, 所以所有的水都流向公园所在的地方,乔治·杜森伯里说, Georgia state director for 公共土地信托. “We have worked with the city to repurpose this l和 into a park that floods so that the surrounding communities do not.”

The versatile green space offers plenty of recreation amenities, 包括一个攀岩结构, 一个两亩池塘, 操场, 宽的人行道, 一个大草坪, 还有一个可以欣赏天际线景观的天然露天剧场.

The park, which opened to the public this summer, also links to the Westside BeltLine Connector.

罗德尼·库克老. 公园 is the winner of h888皇冠电玩手机端’s 2021 Regional Development Award for Great Place.


A hundred years ago, Vine City 和 英语 Avenue were vibrant middle-class intown neighborhoods. It was a sought-after address for civil rights leaders in the 1960s. 不久之后,人口减少了. By the early 2000s, it was one of Atlanta’s most distressed communities.

在2002年的暴雨之后, 许多居民, 无法重建家园, 他们把土地卖给了亚特兰大市. 价值4500万美元的老罗德尼·库克. 公园 replaces those empty lots with the defining features of a historic park that was just two blocks away.

老罗德尼·库克. 公园 captures its original overlapping walkways 和 atmosphere - with a remarkable playground - while restoring community pride 和 creating an immensely popular gathering spot for the community.

A catalyst for development in Vine City 和 英语 Avenue?

The Vine City 和 英语 Avenue areas are expected to see dramatic change over the next couple of decades, as the population in the metro region continues to grow, with new development 和 infill projects popping up around the greenspace.

“新公园将为社区带来利益, 提供健康的康乐活动, 和 become a hub around which renovation 和 new construction will take place,HDR设计公司的罗伯特·布莱恩特说.

以避免位移, the nonprofit Westside Future Fund has created a program to help current residents stay in their homes, Dusenbury解释. Longtime homeowners have the option to enroll in the program, 谁来支付发生的任何增税. The Westside Future Fund is also purchasing 和 renovating old apartment buildings in a way that keeps rents low for longtime renters.

“Cook 公园 is a transformative project that provides a foundation for residents, 以及社区和公民领袖, 为亚特兰大西部建设一个更光明的未来,”Dusenbury说.

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